The Free Church Federation in Finland – an umbrella organization

The Free Church Federation in Finland (FS), which was founded in 1936, is an umbrella organization for five Swedish speaking evangelical Free Church denominations in Finland. The cooperation through FS has developed over the years and today the main function of the organization is to coordinate the member organizations’ development aid projects. FS represents about 4500 members in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland.

The purpose of the organization is to:

  • Be a forum for fellowship, consultation and cooperation for the religious communities and Christian associations and organizations that are members of FS.
  • Promote the common interests of the members of the free churches regarding freedom of religion, equality, legislation and development aid.
  • Be the free churches’ tool for cooperation and coordination of activities that are of common interest of all member organizations, and speak of behalf of all the member organizations regarding those issues.
  • Coordinate the member organizations’ development aid and support the implementation of joint efforts and relief operations in different parts of the world in order to decrease destitution and poverty.
  • Promote human rights, equality, solidarity as well as a sober and a healthy lifestyle development.

FS Globals Mission & Vision
Our mission is to help the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. This takes place in societies where our member organizations work in collaboration with local partners. By considering man as a whole and her total needs we contribute to a sustainable FS’ vision – ”From grassroot to grassroot”

FS wants to help the individual and the member organizations in Finland to see their potential to influence and support a positive development for vulnerable people all over the world, and specially in those environments where they already operate.

Code of Conduct
Click on the link above in order to access FS’s Code of Conduct.

FS’ cooperation with the MFA
FS  had since 1995 had a framework agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland (MFA) regarding the deveopment aid. In the end of year 2003 this was changed into a partnership agreement with more flexibility and possibilities. The FS Global program with the MFA ended in 2019, at the moment on of the member organisations has one project in Burundi with support from the MFA.

Development aid program

FS Global targets countries in Asia, Africa and South America. The organization’s work is based on broad and long missionary work and on long experience and personal contacts in the work field. The development aid work is well rooted in the civil society since long time, most of the member organizations are more than 100 years old. This provides a broad and strong support in the civil society through the member organizations’ local churches and their broad networks.

Generally our partners in the recipient countries have a broad network and great knowledge of the needs of the poor. The number of employed staff from Finland have decreased in the last ten years. Nowadays FS cooperates directly with the partner organizations and their local leaders, and the Finnish co-workers are mainly their to give advice. FS is also working in areas of the world that are difficult to access thanks to the organization’s worldwide network.

Health and education are the two main focuses of FS’ development aid work.

Project Manual and attachments

Contact information

Frikyrklig Samverkan FS r.f.
Bolagsvägen 33, 02700 Grankulla, Finland


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